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Funding Your Adoption

Many organizations exist to financially assist adoptive families. Below you will find a list of such organizations that you can follow up with directly. IFS does not represent any of these organizations and does not speak for their procedures, the accuracy of this information or their claims and/or business practices. This is not an exhaustive list. 

Pure Charity Adoption fundraising is not easy, so Pure Charity created tools that have helped hundreds of families raise money for their adoption costs using a convenient online adoption fundraising platform that helps you create your own family adoption fundraiser.

Fund Your Adoption – The vision and mission of Fund Your Adoption is to help families overcome all the financial barriers of adoption and provide the most informative, up-to-date financial resources that empower families to adopt debt-free.

Adopt Without Debt – The cost of adopting a child can be expensive, but there are creative and innovative ways for prospective parents to raise funds that will help them cover the costs without creating an unnecessary financial burden. Adoptive parent and author, Julie Gumm’s book, You Can Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption, offers advice and practical insight on how to pay for adoption.

Pathways for Little Feet – Pathways for Little Feet provides interest-free loans to qualified adoptive families who need financial assistance to finalize their adoptions. PLF works with families who adopt from all over the globe and is committed to creating a world in which every child belongs in a loving home.

AdoptTogether – AdoptTogether is a non-profit, crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes. When registering as an adopting family, you complete a brief online profile and upload your adoption homestudy to AdoptTogether. Once confirmed as a prospective adopting family, your profile is made available to generous supporters for encouragement and designated gifts.

Abba Fund – Adopting couples may request financial assistance (grants and loans) through Abba Fund.


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