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Post-Arrival Resources

Once their child arrives home, most parents are greatly relieved that their adoption process is over and their life as a new family can finally begin. This is indeed a time to celebrate. But very soon, the parents need to attend to issues like a Social Security card, proof of citizenship, finalization, and maybe readoption.

See our Welcome Home page for information on obtaining a Social Security card and proof of U.S. citizenship, post-adoption and post-placement reports, and adoption tax credits.

See the Readoption page for information on, well, readoption.

Thinking of taking a trip back to Russia with your adopted child for a visit? Then see Visiting Russian with Your Adopted Russian Child for important information on travel as a dual citizen of Russia and the US.

Please also take a few minutes to complete our online Client Evaluation form.  You can complete and submit it online.


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