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Guide for Prospective Adoptive Families

The U.S. Department of State has published this guide to inform prospective adoptive parents about the Hague Convention concerning international adoptions and the applicable law. As part of IFS’s training, we require families who are adopting from a Convention country read this Guide and complete a quiz on the content (2 hours).

This Guide has been modified by IFS; we omitted non-information bearing graphics & photos, added a list of Convention countries and added a Quiz. Includes a Quiz (found at the end of the Guide) which must be completed and submitted to the family’s IFS Program Director. IFS offers this material for free for families for which we are conducting a home study or international placement.

Be sure to check out the post arrival information by clicking here for information on obtaining a Social Security card and proof of U.S. citizenship, post-adoption and post-placement reports, re-adoption, finalization, and adoption tax credits. Click to begin download: Hague PAP Guide with quiz.


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