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Domestic Adoption Training

Training and equipping your family is essential to a successful adoption.

The IFS Family Training program consists of a series of courses tailored to the adoptive family and common issues that adoptive families may experience.

Both husband and wife are required to take the courses, either together or independently. It does not work to have one parent prepared to adopt and the other parent ignorant.

These four courses are required of every family participating in the Domestic Cross Cultural program.

  • Conspicious Families

  • Finding the Missing Pieces

  • Let’s Talk Adoption

  • Lifebooks

Then choose 1 or more of these courses.

  • Creating an Adoption Profile

  • Journey of Attachment

  • Open Adoption 101

  • Tough Starts: Brain Matters

These courses can be found at  Payment is made directly to ALP. 

If you have any questions, do let us know.  We want your child’s adjustment (and yours) to be as smooth as possible so be sure to ask.  Every question is acceptable!

NOTE: If you have completed similar courses for your home study, an IFS representative will evaluate the completed course material to determine if substitutions will be allowed.


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